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Why It's Important to Have A Good Range Of Motion

Range of motion is a critical element of any performance, from smoothing out your transitions between moves to creating an overall fluidity when performing. Not only can it helps enhance everyday dance steps; cultivating a greater range can help with more complex movements. 

Why It's Important to Have A Good Range Of Motion


Proper stretching can be essential for unlocking your body's full potential. If you don't take the time to stretch, your muscles and joints increase the risk of becoming short and tight - diminishing your range of motion and leaving yourself at an increased probability of injury.

Stretching overall helps with correct alignment, relaxes tight muscles, boosts performance, and improves flexibility.


Becoming more flexible can be immensely beneficial - especially as a dancer! It not only increases the range of motion available to you, but it also helps protect against potential injuries and soreness. With increased flexibility comes improved movement control, which allows dancers to create beautiful, graceful look dancing. 

Taking the time to gradually increase your flexibility can drastically improve the quality of your dance. You'll move with ease, allowing for a more graceful and beautiful outcome while minimizing potential injury. Incorporating this into your dance routine can help you reach higher heights!


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