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How Dancers Can Benefit From Yoga

If you're a dancer, you know that your body needs to be strong and flexible to move gracefully across the stage. Yoga is a great way to improve your flexibility, strength, and balance, which will improve the way you dance during practice and performances. Not only does it have physical benefits, but it also helps you focus your mind and de-stress. You may be surprised by how much it benefits your dance performance. 

1. Increase Muscle and Tone

The first thing you probably thought of when you thought "yoga" is that it's just a group of people getting together to stretch. Yes, I thought the same thing too. You would be surprised how yoga can help increase your muscle, tone your body, and help with strength gain. Different poses target different muscles, improving core, upper body strength, and lower body.

2. Increase Flexibility

It helps stretch out your muscles and improves your range of motion. The more you improve your flexibility, the less likely you’ll get injured. Maintaining flexibility is so important as a dancer. The range of motion helps make new techniques easier. Not only that, but having more flexibility in the joints and prepares your muscles for any intense activity decreasing the likelihood of injury.

3. Improve Posture

Having proper posture and alignment as a dancer makes you appear more beautiful and confident. Not only that, it allows for better control and balance. It makes it easier to do more techniques, and it’ll look a lot more elegant while you’re dancing across the stage, as it looks more effortless. Yoga helps reinforce good posture and body realignment. While you’re improving your flexibility, your posture will continue to improve as well.

4. Improve Balance

With good balance, it's much easier to make adjustments while dancing. No matter how small the change needs to be, your routine looks smoother and feels more effortless when dancing. Yoga strengthens the core muscles, which help with posture, and other parts of our body hold us up, like arms or legs. It helps make your dancing appear graceful.

5. De-stress

Stress is everywhere; you can't avoid it. With dance, everyday life, and trying to achieve a healthy work-life balance, it all eventually starts to catch up to you. Yoga combines physical poses, breathing, and meditation into their practice. Not only is yoga benefiting you physically for dance, but it also gives you a moment away from your day-to-day life to let go of all the stress. 

Yoga can help all aspects of your dancing, from flexibility to de-stressing from your everyday life. Understanding as a dancer the benefits that yoga can have on your body can help you improve more outside of your dance classes. If you are a dancer, have ever wanted to try yoga, or improve your current fitness routine, the Yoga For Beginners Kit includes everything anyone would need to start practicing.

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