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The Benefits Of A Yoga Block

Yoga blocks are an option whether you want to use them or not – they are the most popular prop used in yoga. They are an excellent way to enhance your yoga poses. They are perfect for all levels, and there are different ways to use them.


How can a yoga block be beneficial?

1. Helps With Alignment

Alignment is a key principle of yoga. When out of alignment, you can struggle to take deep breaths and reap the full benefits of each pose that's practiced - instead, you're struggling with just trying not to lose your balance. This is where the yoga block will become beneficial.

2. Provide Length

With certain poses, you might not be flexible enough to reach all the way, so the block gives you somewhere to rest for you to get more out of your yoga pose!

3. Improves Flexibility

Flexibility can help you get into deeper poses more comfortably and effectively. And, like with most things, practice makes perfect! The more often you stretch your muscles, the easier it will be to reach the depths of each pose.

4. Gives Support

Perfect for wherever you feel like you need it - to rest your head on, your back, and your knee. It’s a multi-purpose tool that allows your body to relax while building your flexibility.

You can use it to improve your positioning and flexibility in yoga. The yoga block is the perfect prop to assist while avoiding injury. We have a yoga block that comes in our Yoga For Beginners Kit or the Star Yoga Bloch to get started! 

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