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Can Overstretching Be Bad For You?

Adding stretching to your dance routine can help with your flexibility, muscle tension, and help prevent future injuries. Stretching is great for maintaining a range of motion around your joints. If you don’t, your muscles will become really tight and short.

Overstretching can cause long term issues with your joints and decrease integrity of your ligaments, and wear and tear to your cartilage. This is why listening to your body when you’re stretching is important. When stretching, having mild-discomfort is good and excruciating pain isn’t.

Safe ways to stretch and tools that’ll help you stretch to your best ability.


  • Yoga for Beginners Kit
    • Great for doing basic stretches and it comes with a block to help with your stretches
  • Gaynor Minden Flexibility band
    • A long looped band that helps give resistance for your splits, aerobic work, and bar work
  • Gaynor Minden Resistance Bands
    • We have a whole bunch of different options, with different levels, and types of packs. It would just depend on what works best for you
  • I-Flex Jr. 
    • Slides over the top of your door and you can control how high your leg can go 
  • Foot Stretcher
    • It stretches the arch of your foot. It’s great to build up that articulation and range of motion in the arch of your foot. 
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