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The Many Benefits of a Foam Roller

Foam rollers are a great addition to your recovery and warm-up routine. Not only can foam rollers help relieve muscle tightness, soreness, and inflammation, they also help increase your joint's range of motion. It’s a great tool to use pre- and post-workout routines if you’re feeling those aches and pains in your muscles. 

  • Loosens Up Tight Muscles
    • Your range of motion is essential when you dance and move through your routine. There are moments when stretching doesn't help properly loosen your muscles enough to feel comfortable and move smoothly. Pairing stretching with a foam roller will help prevent potential injury due to tight muscles. 
  • Helps Ease Muscle Pains
    • No one likes that next-day muscle aches. Foam rollers help ease tight and stiff tendons, muscle soreness, and inflammation. Using one before dancing can help alleviate any pains. While using it after class can help delay the onset of muscle soreness. 
  • Flexibility
    • How can we improve our flexibility? By stretching our muscles. Having a balancing stretching routine is vital in warming up your muscles. With a foam roller, you're also improving your blood circulation and range of motion, which all helps improve your flexibility.
  • Helps Relax
    • Tense and tight muscles are your body's way of expressing that it's stressed. Rolling out your muscles gives you the time to mentally and physically unwind. Helping you feel calmer. 

    Taking care of your muscles is vital. It could be one of the reasons you aren't progressing at a good pace, and lead to potential injuries. Foam rolling is an excellent way to prevent muscle soreness after a workout. It can help loosen tight muscles, reduce the amount of pain you feel the next day, and even aid in post-workout recovery time by keeping connective tissue running smoothly!

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