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Why You Should Consider Dance Socks

Dancers dance barefoot because they like to feel the floor, for comfort, or their dance teacher told them to. Regardless of the reason, there might be a reason you’ll start wearing dance socks from now on.

Dance socks are used commonly in the contemporary dance world. 

  1. Helps prevent injury
    1. It provides you a protective layer without having to be barefoot
    2. Light padding at the bottom of the foot
    3. They’re breathable 
    4. Prevents blisters, splits, and fungi
  2. Allows you to feel the floor without wearing your ballet shoes, half soles, or if you already dance barefoot
    1. Dance socks provide proper support, especially on your arch.
    2. It makes it easier to perform technical dance movements.
    3. Some socks provide great added features for your feet: traction, compression, mesh ventilation, etc. 
  3. They give you a polish look while dancing.

If you’ve never tried dancing socks, you might want to give it a chance. They can help provide that muscle support to keep you dancing longer while giving you the ability to have more control over the articulation of your foot.

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