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How To Improve Your Balance and Stability For Dance

Stability is about being in control of your body position from head to toe, and balance means that you can maintain the center of gravity. These two things are essential to keep a dancer’s movement smooth and fluid. As dancers, we’re constantly trying to keep our physical shape in top form.

Here are some tips to help improve your balance and stability:

Make sure you have a strong base. If you feel unstable while dancing, incorporate exercises that'll help improve your ankle strength. Having a strong ankle helps with quick direction changes, landing from leaps, and turning and balancing on pointe. 

Strengthening your core promotes better balance, better alignment, and improved stability. If you have a weaker core, it can ruin your posture and allow you to be susceptible to injuries.

Things you can use to improve your base and core: 

  • Turnout Board: will help your alignment and learn where to turn out.
  • Resistance Band: improves your ankle strength and foot articulation. 
  • Massage Ball: great for building strength and reducing that lactic acid build up. Perfect for recovering
  • Foam Roller: will target those larger muscles, like your IT bands and glutes.
  • Balance Board: Helps with everything above the ankle. It allows you to see which muscles you're engaging.

Once you’ve mastered your spins and other techniques at the barre, start practicing without it. Since you won’t need it on stage anyway, it’s one way to practice without the crutches. Dance is all about repetition and consistency. 

There is always somewhere we can improve. Especially if dancing is a big part of our lives, we want our bodies to keep up with the discipline.

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