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Leotard Haul 

 You decide what color, every month, every other month, every three months or quarterly. Try it out or use it as a gift.  

Get a fashion leotard, a pair of tights and a little something extra!

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A little big and a little plain

A friend recommended Dancer's Haul so we decided to try it out. Was a little disappointed in the Ballet Rosa Marlise. I ordered an adult small for my daughter because she's short and thin but has broad shoulders so petites don't always fit. The leotard we got was a camisole style that ended up being a bit too big. Had I known it was a camisole I might have ordered a petite, but too big is better than too small, I guess. She wasn't crazy about the subtle design of the leotard either, as she usually likes a bit more color or embellishments on her leotard. It looks to be a nice quality leotard.


Leo fit perfectly and she loved the style!

Beautiful leos, great costumer service

We have had 2 hauls. Unfortunately neither fit. There was confusion with the sizing. In regular clothes, my daughter wears a size Child S (6-8), and wears a size 6-8 in leotards. So I picked size Child Small the first time. A beautiful purple and pink So Danca leo in size 4 came. Confused, I looked at my invoice and it said I selected a size child medium (which I did for the tights) and became even more confused. I emailed them letting them know that the size was wrong and they responded VERY quickly. They told me that I had selected size child small and that is normally size 4 (sizing is weird everywhere so I took it in stride). They offered to help me exchange it and were so kind. I reordered another haul in size child medium, and we just got it in the mail. This leo is a BEAUTIFUL bright pink with lace trimming on the bodice made by Wear Moi. The only problem is that it is a size 8-10. *hangs head* It fits perfectly in the bodice but the straps are way too loose and we’ll either have to have it altered or she will just have to wait to wear it. She has loved both of the Leos that have been shipped to her. The colors are so fun and have been her favorite. Hopefully the next one fits!


This was our fourth month and we have not been disappointed! Every Leo has been sidferentbut so pretty and they fit perfectly
Thank you

First Haul

We had no idea what to expect . The tights came in pink(perfect for dance camp coming up) and the leo was beautiful perfect for Auditions for her competition team. We cant wait for our next haul.

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