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How To Prepare For A Photoshoot: Mentally

It can be nerve-racking or intimidating to stand in front of a camera, no matter how many times you have done it before or how many performances you have danced in. Don’t worry, because we are going to share some tips on how to help ease that stress.

Get Creative

A great first step is to think about some inspiration for your posing to start getting some ideas and creativity flowing. When getting inspired for your poses, it is very important to take the environment that you are going to be working with into account. If there is a way you can work with, build upon, or incorporate the elements of your surroundings into your ideas, the results will not disappoint you!

Find Inspiration From Your Own Role Models

It can be helpful to look at some of your favorite dancers, models, or artists’ social media accounts to not copy or imitate what they are doing; but to draw inspiration for your own ideas. Seeing a single photograph might give you an outlet to a whole different side of creativity!

Showcase Your Strengths

Whether you are a super leggy person, a jumper, a turner, an intricate mover, etc., find a way to highlight and showcase your strengths through your movements. Another great way to do this and catch some really beautiful moments is by improving or doing a favorite section of a solo or group dance, and seeing what the photographer can capture.

Hopefully, you find these tips and ideas helpful when preparing for any upcoming photo shoots. By routinely putting these ideas to use when getting photoshoot ready, you will find your own groove and discover what best works for you. In doing so, everything will start to feel like second nature and photoshoots will be a breeze!

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