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Just Signed My Child Up For The Dance. Tell Me What I Need

So, you just signed your child up for dance! The first thing that comes to mind is, where do I start?



The best thing to do is contact your studio to see if they have a uniform. If they don’t require one, see if they have any recommendations. That’ll make shopping a lot easier.

The first thing you need to get is a dance bag. You’ll need one to keep your dance gear all in one place when they are making their way to and from the studio. 

Having the right dance shoes is important when going to class. Specific dance classes require a specific type of shoe. So once you find out what you need, getting a shoe fitting is so important. Not every dance shoe measures the same way, so getting a shoe fitting helps you determine your shoe size. We have sales associates at Dancewear Corner who would be more than happy to help you. 

Now that you have the basics of what your dancer needs, you’ll slowly start to learn more of the ins and outs of all the things they’ll need as they progress in their classes and training. 

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