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Tights you wear every single day for long hours of studio rehearsals can be way more helpful than you realize. And we are confident that Zarely tights look and feel better than any other pair of ballet tights out there!

For Z1 Model, Zarely Rehearsal tights, they use special fabric that perfectly reflects light and creates an amazing slimming effect. The combination of colors and patterns in materials enhances a look of hyperextended leg line so that everyone around you awes with admiration.

- Special light-reflecting fabric for ideal slimming effect.

- Smart compression technology helps preventing your legs from swelling and inflaming should you decide to have a short break in your studio rehearsals day.

- Additional support and protection for your ankles and knees.

- Applied graduated compression for more endurance and efficient recovery.

- Mesh-material pattern in heel and front foot area gives your feet extra-traction while wearing pointe shoes.

- Comfortable waistband keeps tights fixed but doesn’t over-squeeze your waist.

- Convertible! The special-shaped cutting on the foot converts your Zarely tights into leggings with ease and comfort. We took special care of the edge area to make sure it doesn’t run.

Team Zarely collaborates with the world’s leading ballet dancers – Zarely Role Models – and most reputable physiotherapists to develop and constantly improve a smart recovery system for Zarely Rehearsal tights. So on top of the great aesthetic you get an advanced compression technology that helps preventing swelling and protecting your legs from injury.

For Zarely Rehearsal tights they also introduced an innovative approach to make dancing in pointe shoes more comfortable and secure: the special mesh-material gives extra traction to the bottom of your foot inside the shoe – much similar to magnesium effect. You’ll be surprised to discover how much difference a pair of tights can make in your dancing life!

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