So Danca BA45 So Danca Stretch Canvas Pirouette Shoe

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Size Guide

So Danca BA45 Bullet Canvas Half Shoe features foot hugging technology and the seams promote a foot lengthening aesthetic. The stretch canvas material and soft elastic casing hug the foot comfortably and a suede sole promotes velocity on all surfaces.

“The Bullet has been created for dancers wanting the support of a shoe without feeling the bulk that can be associated with a traditional dance shoe,” explains Susie Riefenhauser, marketing consultant of Só Dança USA. “Many dancers who compete or attend conventions are dancing on carpet or dance surfaces that result in nicks, cuts or scrapes of the feet. Therefore, we wanted to create a shoe that protected the foot, allowing the dancer to adapt to whatever dance surface they are on.”

Fitting Guidelines: Subtract 3 sizes from usual street shoe size to accommodate width.

Please note that this is merely a guideline and not a guarantee to fit and does not take into account personal preference and desired growing room.

*Please note that So Danca USA prohibits the sale of So Danca products to Canada from the USA. Canadian orders of So Danca products will be cancelled. We apologize.

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