So Danca CH791 1.5" Practice Ballroom Shoe - Adult


Size Guide

This So Danca Adult 1.5" Practice Ballroom Shoe features a gray suede sole and suede heel perfect for ballroom dancing, a 1.5" heel, a buckle strap, a breathable PU upper which gives like a leather shoe, and a comfortably cushioned lining with premium quality detailing to give dancers hours of comfort.

Fitting Guidelines:

Children up to street shoe size 2.5 order same as street shoe size to a half size larger. To convert from children's to adult's, add 2 sizes before following sizing recommendations.

Ladies order same as street shoe size to a half size up for comfort.

Please note that this is merely a guideline and not a guarantee to fit and does not take into account personal preference and desired growing room.


*Please note that So Danca USA prohibits the sale of So Danca products to Canada from the USA. Canadian orders of So Danca products will be cancelled. We apologize.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I usually wear street shoes size 8 and so I ordered a size 8.5.. fits perfectly !!

Nice shoes

I ordered these shoes several months ago to see if dancing shoes were worth having. And yes, having dancing shoes is much better than just wearing regular shoes. I only dance for fun so these were a good first pair. Now I know I definitely will spend more on a nicer pair so I have dancing shoes. These don’t last for very long, I’ve worn them a rough total of 12 hrs of dancing and they are falling apart. The uppers are cracking and the soles are coming off. But they fit well and were very comfortable.

Shoe too small

I liked the shoe. I ordered my size because the 1/2 size up was back ordered. Definitely way too small. Am debating about ordering the next size up because I fear it may be too small as well. I am disappointed because it looked like a comfortable shoe and the heel is not too high.

Love these shoes

I have both back and tan pairs. They are great practice shoes. I have had no problems with the sizing, they seem a little snug when they first arrive but are soft and give enough to be great after a wearing or two. Dance shoes should fit snugly. The second pair came with little suede replacement soles for the heals as the heal does seem to wear down quickly. Still at the price can afford to get the heal replaced.

size runs small

I ordered the recommended 1/2 up from what I usually wear and it barely fit. When I dance my feet get warm and that would be too tight. So I have returned them at my own expense for shipping since that is not covered by Dance Wear Corner and ordered a full size larger than what I normally wear. To anyone considering ordering these shoes, I would recommend ordering a full size up from what you normally wear for proper fit ( having a bit of room for your toes). I am still waiting for my full size up pair to arrive.

Tamara, Thank you for taking the time to review. We appreciate your insight! Happy Dancing from DWC!!

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