Rubin Radiance U-Cut W/Drawstring Russian Pointe Shoe


Working from the versatility and unsurpassed popularity of Rubin comes the next generation – Rubin Radiance. Made on the original Rubin last with the same box shape, Rubin Radiance flaunts dazzling new features. A narrower heel cut allows for a sleeker fit, while a suede tip at the platform provides improved traction and durability. Rubin Radiance features a 3/4 shank, and double-lined satin gives the pointe shoe more structure. Like the original Rubin, Rubin Radiance’s low crown, pre-arched construction, a wide platform, and slightly tapered box combine to suit a variety of foot shapes.

  • 3/4 shank
  • Narrow heel
  • Low crown
  • Wide platform
  • Slightly tapered box
  • Suede tip at the platform
  • Pre-arched construction
  • Double-lined satin

Note: Ribbons not included with this pair of Russian Rubin pointe shoes. We do carry Russian Pointe Ribbon that can be used with all Russian pointe shoe styles.

Customer Reviews

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perfect fit

i love these Russian pointe rubin radiance pointe shoes! i started from chacottes to bloch and capezio and then grishko, then finally to russian pointe. i love that these are the rubin but a little bit different, with great improvements. i love that there’s 3/4 shank, which helps with controlling flexibility and strengthening the foot inside, they also make my feet look great! i love that there is a suede tip to help me from not sliding or falling. the tips are also sewn in a way that it makes it look darned, which is cleaner look and time-saving.

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