Pillows For Pointe - Super Gellows Toe Pads


Super Comfort - Super Wear. A thin layer of gel between two socks reduces impact to the foot.

Each side of Super Gellows has a unique white knitted seamless fabric made of Cool Max which helps wick away moisture. A specially formulated non-silicone polymer is between the sock liners to absorb shock and impact to the foot. Reversible. Exclusive Loc-Top™ stitch prevents roll down.

Sizes: Small/Medium and Medium/Large.

Sizing Information: S/M fits up to 4-1/2 Pointe shoe sizes. M/L fits 5 and over.

Customer Reviews

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Super Gellows for Pointe

I have used these for about a year now. As an mature/older ballet dancer (Dancing is a life-long hobby/love.), I appreciate the comfort these provide. I will continue to use them. They wash nicely, which I find to be a plus.

Love the no-seam!

My dancer loves these toe pads and are the only kind she can wear. The lack of seam is mostly what she loves; they don't hurt her toes and there's no seam to dig into her toes or to cause any discomfort. She also loves that there is sock on both sides, and not a sticky side like nearly every other toe pad. This makes it so much more comfortable for her, and she can reverse them if they start to wear on one side. Truly the only toe pads she will wear!!

Good protection

These pads are the second I've tried. They are thicker than my ouch pouch juniors and give more protection. I would not go any thicker in a pad though or you won't feel the floor. I wish my pointe shoes were just a tiny bit longer because these are making them seem smaller since they are thicker than the ouch pouches. Good pads, glad I tried them.

Great product

This is a great product. Very happy!

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