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When Are You Ready To Go On Pointe?

Every ballet dancer's dream is to be on pointe shoes. As exciting as it is for young dancers to want to get into their first pair of pointe shoes, it's important not to start them on pointe too soon.

Typically dancers begin pointe work around 11 to 13 years old. This is usually the age where their feet are developed enough to prevent any injuries. If they are not ready, they might need extra time to work on technique and ankle strength.

The teacher is the one that makes the final decision. They are watching how they dance and their feet are developing. It helps prevent them from getting severe injuries if they start too soon. It could affect their growth plate, causing irregular growth of the bone or dislodging the growth plate, causing a fracture.

Sometimes they might not be ready around the typical age range either. It might take them a little longer to develop their feet, depending on when they start or if their feet need a little extra time. It all depends on when their feet and technique are at a good point for them to start. Teachers recommend having at least two years of ballet training. It's essential to continue improving their strength, flexibility, and practicing techniques.

Assure them, it's okay if they feel a little behind if they start later.
Everyone goes at their own pace. It's also something you don't want to rush. Once they're on pointe, they’ll catch up pretty quickly with the other dancers.

If you still have questions, talk to your dancer's dance teacher. They are working to help develop their feet to prepare for pointe. Then, once you get the okay, give Dancewear Corner a call to set up their first pointe shoe appointment!

Pointe Shoe Fitting at Dancewear Corner

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