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What's The Best Way To Store A Tutu?

You bought yourself a tutu. Now how do you store it? 

With tutus, you don’t want to lose the shape, color, or the material of the tutu altered. As a ballerina you want your tutu to look the best it can. So it’s important to keep in mind where you store your tutu, so it looks as new as possible.

Making sure that they stay flat, not folded, and bent will help keep their circular shape. Don’t put anything on top of the tutu because that can ruin the lift of the ruffles. Moisture is another thing that can ruin your ruffles. 

A tutu bag will help our tutu to look as new as the last time you put it in. You might have a little fluff when you take it out.

Read “How To Clean Your Tutu” to learn a little more about proper tutu care.

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