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How to Clean Your Tutu

No one likes a dirty tutu. Can you wash a tutu? Need to know how to clean a tutu? We've got the tutu cleaning tips here. 

What’s great is that Tutu’s aren’t hard to keep clean. No, we don’t mean as easy as sticking it in the washing machine.

Let’s learn how to clean your tutu!

Want to wash the whole thing?

Cover your tutu all in cold water. With a washcloth that won’t ruin the tulle, brush it from the inside out.

Want to clean a spot?

You’ll be doing the same thing, except you won’t be covering the whole tutu in water. Put cold water on the spots you want to clean and then brush it like normal.


When it’s time to put it to dry, you’ll want to hang it indoors. Afterward, you can always fluff it up or hang it upside down to bring back its shape.

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