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How To Choose Your Pointe Shoe Ribbons

After the exciting moment of getting your first pointe shoe, the next thing you need to do is pick out your ribbon.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to talk to your teacher to see if they have any recommendations.

If they don’t, your Pointe shoe fitters will suggest something that’ll work better with your feet. They will also tell you how long your pointe shoe ribbons should be.



There are different styles of ribbons to pick from. The two most common are stretch ribbon and satin ribbon.

Stretch Ribbon

Satin Ribbon

  • Hugs your ankles tighter
  • Lays flat against the ankle
  • Supports your ankle better
  • Classic Look
  • Lays Flat, but for beginners, it might bunch or have caps if not tight enough 

Two Types of elastic ribbons are Loops and Criss Cross. 


Criss Cross

  • It's 20 inches long
  • Lays on the ankle
  • It's 26 inches long
  • Cross over the top of the foot
  • Perfect for beginners because it gives more support on the top of their ankle when pushing over their box
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