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Full-Soles vs Split-Soles Ballet Shoes

There’s been a moment in every dancer’s life where they don’t know whether to go with full-sole or split-sole ballet shoes.


Full-soles are great for dancers who’re starting because it gives them proper support to their arch. It forces dancers to work on their footwork and muscles. It allows dancers to build strength through their feet and legs. 

Split-soles are more for those advanced dancers who are confident in their balance and want to expand their mobility and spins. Unlike the full-soles, split-soles allow the dancers to point their feet, and it helps show off their arch easily.

Based on your experience, your dance teacher or shoe fitter might provide you with their recommendation based on your experience or what you might want to work on.

  • For dancers who are starting out
  • Proper support to the arch
  • Forces dancer to work the foot and muscles which allows the dancer to build strength through the feet and legs
  • Teaches them proper technique and retain muscle memory
  • For more advanced dancers
  • Allows dancers to point the foot and shows off the arch easily 
  • Offers more mobility 
  • Cleaner looking footwork
  • For those confident in their balance and want to expand their mobility and spinning
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