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Canvas vs. Leather Ballet Shoes

A lot of the time, you might not think there’s a difference between a leather or canvas ballet shoe. But that isn’t true! With so many different types of feet, we have two options to cater to those needs. Learn with us which ballet shoe might be the perfect fit for your feet! 


When purchasing leather shoes, they need to be the correct fit since they conform to your feet over time while you wear them. They don’t stretch to your feet unlike the canvas shoes, which can immediately fit your feet and can stretch to the shape of your foot.


What is the main differences between leather and canvas ballet slippers?




It’s more durable

Made with a cloth material

Fits snugly to the feet

The material is a lot thinner

It’ll stretch as you wear it down

It’s flexible and lightweight

Perfect for children whose feet are

growing like weeds

It’ll fit the same way you first try

them on and doesn’t change

Improve young dancers and

inexperience dancers foot strength

It can accommodate wider feet

Great for wood floors because it gives

you more traction

Great on Marley material floor because

it won’t get stuck

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