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Does the Size of the Heel on a Tap Shoe Matter?

Tap dance is a unique form of dance that requires a specialized type of shoe. One of the essential features of a tap shoe is the tap on the sole of the shoe and heel, which comes in different heights. Have you wondered if the size of the heel on a tap shoe really matters? 

Low Heel Tap Shoes

Low Heel Tap Shoe

These are typically worn by beginners or dancers who prefer a more stable shoe. These shoes usually have heel height of around one inch and provides a more grounded feeling. It brings your weight back.  It provides a comfortable and steady stance that makes it ideal for mastering basic tap steps.  If you’re wanting to perform more intricate footwork, this low heel tap shoe may not provide enough support for advanced dancers. 

Low heel tap shoes make it easier to perform fast rhythm tap work and funk, urban tap styles.

High Heel Tap Shoes

High Heel Tap Shoe

Advance dancers prefer these types of tap shoes to perform more complex footwork. These shoes usually have a heel height or around one and three inch and provides more flexibility and movement for the ankle. This type of heel brings your weight forward. With a higher heel, it makes it easier for the dancer to pivot, execute turns and spins. 

High heel tap shoes are suited for Broadway and musical theater tap. 

Cuban Heel Tap Shoes:

Cuban Heel Tap Shoe

The Cuban heel tap shoes are a type of high heel tap shoe that has a broader base. It’s typically between one and two inches high, and it is wider and flatter than a standard high heel. Cuban heel tap shoes provide more stability and support than a traditional high heel tap shoe, making them a popular choice for dancers who prefer a little more support.

Does the size of the heel matter?

The size of the heel of a tap shoe can make a difference in a dancer's performance. Choosing the right heel ultimately comes down to the personal preference and skill level of the dancer. Novice dancers may benefit from the stability and support of a low heel tap shoe, whereas experienced dancers may favor the versatility and agility offered by a high heel tap shoe. However, the Cuban heel tap shoes offer a compromise between the two, providing both stability and flexibility.

The size of the heel of a tap shoe can have an impact on a dancer's performance, but it's not the only factor to consider. Dancers should choose the heel size that best fits their level of experience and personal preferences. Ultimately, the most important thing is to find a tap shoe that is comfortable, provides the support and flexibility needed to perform at your best. With the right tap shoe, dancers can tap their way to success!

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