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How To Take Care Of Your Tap Shoes

This is to all my tappers. We all know that our tap shoes go through a lot. We want them to last as long as possible, so here are some tips for taking care of your tap shoes!


1. Don’t wear them outside - wearing them outside could damage the sole of the shoe and you want to protect it from any rain/puddles.

2. Keep them dry - Water can morph the shape of the shoe, so be sure that you keep them dry as much as possible. 

3. Clean it after every use - grab a damp cloth and remove any dirt you notice. This will also keep bacteria from growing. This will also help with any odor smells that might come about from constant use. 

You can use one of our Bloch Odor Eliminator or Mini Bamboo Shoe Deodorizer can help keep them dry and clean.

  • Inspect your tap shoes from time to time - Sadly tap shoes don’t last forever, so be sure to check if there are any loose nails or any loose screws. You want to prevent your shoes from falling apart or your tap from coming off. Even if the taps are glues on, be sure to inspect those too. 

Tap shoes are created to take some beating, but remember they aren’t indispensable. Maintaining them is what’s going to keep them lasting longer and from falling apart.

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