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Why You Need a Sewing Kit Made for Pointe Shoes

Are all sewing kits made the same? No. Some sewing kits are for general use. Though if you’re sewing your ribbon and elastic to your pointe shoes, they aren’t durable enough for your pointe shoe. Dance brands created stitch kits that have everything you’ll need for your pointe shoes.

What you’re looking for when it comes to your sewing kit:

1. Using a thick enough needle

There are different thicknesses of needles. Using one thick enough will make it easy to sew your elastic and ribbon to your pointe shoe. 

2. Having the right thread type

Not all threads are created equal. Each one depends on the type of project you're working on. Using the proper type of thread will help keep your ribbon and elastic attached to your pointe shoe longer. It'll make a difference with durability. The color of your thread is important.
Most stitch kits come with a universal pink color that’ll fit any pointe shoe without an issue.


3. Travel Friendly

It’s small and portable. This will make it easy for you to have in your bag in case any elastic or ribbons start to come off your pointe shoe. 

    When you buy the kit, you know that everything it comes with is for your pointe shoe. And whatever happens, you can have it in your dance bag. It’s more affordable than buying everything separately. It comes with enough thread to use multiple times, a needle you know is thick to go through your pointe shoes.

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