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How Long Do Pointe Shoes Last?

The world of ballet revolves around the artistry of ballerinas gracefully performing on their toes. The speed at which ballerinas go through pointe shoes can be surprising, and in this blog, we'll delve into the reasons that cause ballerinas to go through pointe shoes quickly, how quickly dancers go through pointe shoes, and what can be done to extend the shelf life of a pointe shoe.

Shelf Life of Pointe Shoes

Ballerinas can go through pointe shoes relatively quickly, often requiring new pairs within a matter of weeks or even days, depending on their individual training and performance schedule. The intense physical demands of pointe work, combined with regular rehearsals and performances, contribute to the swift deterioration of these delicate shoes. Additionally, factors such as the dancer's weight, strength, foot structure, and dance style can also influence the rate at which pointe shoes wear out. To maintain optimal performance conditions and prevent injuries, ballerinas must stay attentive to the condition of their pointe shoes and replace them as needed.

life of pointe shoes

Other Things to Consider: 

1. The Intensity of Practice:
Pointe work is physically demanding, requiring immense strength and skill from the dancer. As dancers execute complex routines, the friction and pressure exerted on the shoes can quickly wear them down. Professional ballerinas often practice for several hours daily, accelerating the wear and tear on their pointe shoes significantly. Have you ever wondered what the typical day is like for a professional ballerina? Watch this video to see what Tiler Peck, Principal Dancer with the New York City Ballet, had to say. 


2. Individual Factors:
The frequency at which a ballerina goes through pointe shoes can vary based on individual factors such as weight, foot structure, and dance style. Heavier dancers and those with more pronounced arches may wear out their shoes more quickly. Additionally, dancers performing more strenuous repertoire or engaging in regular rehearsals and performances will experience a higher turnover rate for their pointe shoes.

3. Repertoire and Performance Schedule:
A dancer's repertoire can also impact the rate at which they consume pointe shoes. Dances with repetitive movements or frequent jumps and turns place more stress on the shoes, leading to faster wear. Furthermore, ballerinas who have an extensive performance schedule, especially during touring seasons, may require new pointe shoes more frequently to maintain optimal performance conditions.

4. Pointe Shoe Preparation:
Prior to dancing en pointe, ballerinas may prepare their shoes to enhance their comfort and longevity. This process, known as "breaking in" the ballet shoes, involves softening the box and shank to better conform to the dancer's feet. While this can improve the fit and feel of the shoes, it also reduces their lifespan, as they wear out faster once they are worn in. While breaking in pointe shoes is ideal for some dancers, jet glue may be preferable to others who want to reinforce their pointe shoes. 

5. Multiple Pairs in Rotation:
To keep up with the demand for fresh pointe shoes, many ballerinas maintain several pairs in rotation. This approach allows them to alternate shoes, giving each pair sufficient time to recover and dry out between uses. Rotating pointe shoes can extend their lifespan and provide a more consistent and comfortable fit for the dancer.

How Fast Do Professional Dancers Go Through Pointe Shoes? 

Professional dancers can go through pointe shoes at a remarkably fast rate due to the rigorous demands of their profession. The exact speed at which they consume pointe shoes varies depending on several factors, including the intensity of their practice and performance schedule, the complexity of their repertoire, and individual characteristics such as strength and foot structure. Tiler Peck, a Principal Dancer with the NYC Ballet, shared with us her typical pointe shoe lifespan here!



Money Saving Tips for Pointe Shoes

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  • Rotate multiple pairs of pointe shoes. One of the most effective ways to make your pointe shoes last longer is to alternate between multiple pairs. By rotating your shoes, you allow each pair to fully dry and recover its shape between uses. 
  • An initial investment in a pointe shoe bag can actually save you money in the long run! They help to provide airflow to pointe shoes so they can fully dry out after practice or performance. 


The speed at which ballerinas go through pointe shoes is undoubtedly impressive, a testament to their dedication and commitment to their craft. The rigorous demands of ballet training and performance, combined with individual factors and repertoire, contribute to the swift deterioration of these delicate shoes. However, with a careful approach that includes pointe shoe preparation, rotation, and a thorough understanding of their unique needs, ballerinas continue to gracefully dance on their toes, captivating audiences with every performance. While the journey through countless pairs of pointe shoes may seem relentless, it is a testament to the unwavering passion and devotion of these incredible artists. 


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