Zarely tights are developed in collaboration with a team of reputable physiotherapists, doctors and, of course, the world-class ballet dancers – Zarely Role Models. Together they created three types of ballet tights to best meet demands of each aspect in your dancing life – rehearsals, performances and recovery. The importance of the latter is hard to overstate. Efficient recovery after a full day of studio work or a stage performance, which often requires all your energy and strength, is the key to your long career as a dancer. Developed for the ultra-demanding and competitive world of professional ballet, Z3 Model Zarely Compression tights proved indispensable for female athletes in other fields such as cross-fit, triathlon, gymnastics and many others. But we didn’t sacrifice beauty for efficiency so not only your legs feel great in Zarely Z3 Recovery tights, but they look amazing, too.

For Z3 Model Recovery tights they use luxury-class microfiber that looks fantastic on your legs and gives them extra-slimming effect. Head to a dinner party in your petite robe noire and forget about sore feet or fatigued muscles entirely. Your legs regain health while you enjoy your social life.

Zarely Recovery Tights have compression level of 8-15 MMHG which is the standard for mild compression. So you can wear Z3’s for prolonged hours and still feel comfortable. The fabric is light and breathable and you almost forget that you have tights on!

Supportive for major muscle groups, graduated compression technology in Z3 Model increases blood circulation and allows for fast and efficient recovery. Let the innovation deal with unpleasant side-effects of exercise such as muscle soreness, fatigue or swelling.

- Graduated compression enhances blood flow to major muscle groups and works efficiently in both pre- and post-workout cycles.

- Flexible hip allows for efficient stretching before and after workouts.

- Faster pre-exercise muscle warm-up

- Mild compression level (8-15 MMHG) means that Z3 tights remain comfortable for many hours of wearing.

- Smart application of compression levels provides relief, minimizes soreness, fatigue and swelling in muscles and joints.

- Ergonomic foot design gives your sore feet extra comfort.

- Luxury quality fabric looks fantastic on your legs.

    Customer Reviews

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    Great tights for exercise!

    These tights are great for exercise. Material is opaque enough that when paired with shorts, looks the same as leggings with mesh. Very comfortable and supportive. My go-to!

    feel so great

    the zarely z3 work as u work out in them it bring the body to life keeping the legs, feel so right,

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