Suffolk Stellar Pointe Shoe - Standard


The Stellar is part of the Suffolk Premiere Collection. The Suffolk Stellar pointe shoes are perfect for the lower profile foot and enables the dancer to get over the platform, while fully articulating the foot. Suffolk’s patented design is used in the Stellar. This shoe gives the dancer a strong supportive box, broader platform, and arch-hugging insole. The medium vamp with the signature Suffolk U shape is hand cut to perfection. 

The Suffolk Stellar pointe shoes are available in two shank options:
• Standard - 2 mm board.

Click Below to view the Light Shank
• Light - more flexible and has lighter paste on the bottom of the foot. 

Suggested Fitting: Order 3 sizes below U.S. street shoe size.
This information for Suffolk pointe shoes is only a guide and not a guarantee. Actual fitting may vary.

Note: Ribbons not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great Shoes!

After trying many pairs of Suffolk, Russian, and Gaynor, I have found that these are the best for my feet. They break in well and are durable for at least 2 months (dancing on pointe 3 times a week or more). I love the way they fit me and they make my feet look amazing. I am so glad to have found these shoes!


The pointe shoes were out of stock when we ordered, but we were promptly notified and shoes were delivered on the early side of the estimated time frame.


Very quick fulfillment and delivery...sadly, one of the pairs of pointe shoes was wrong and you were out of stock with the shoe we ordered. The customer rep, Sandra was kind and apologized for the error. All in all, very happy with DanceWear Corner’s customer service.

Great service

Love this shoe


Shipper super super fast, put in the order on friday and they arrived monday, just using normal free shipping. The shoes were just as you would expect them. The one odd thing was that they came with free elastic (a very long piece, enough for two pairs at least) but no ribbon? I wasn't expecting either, so the elastic was nice but just a little bit confusing. Wonderfully fast shipping though.

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