Suffolk 1581 Darning Kit


Many dancers find that darning the platform of their pointe shoes provides stability while dancing. Others darn the satin of the shoe to achieve a cut down look in desired areas. Our kit contains 280 meters of 100% mercerized Egyptian cotton crochet thread, a mini thread cutter, a thimble, and 2 darning needles for work on sides, vamps, or heels. We also included instructions that demonstrate the sewing methods of two popular stitches.

Customer Reviews

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nice set but crocheting thread better

Only thing better regarding the yard was the color, which matched the Suffolk's pointe shoes. Found crochet yard sturdier and better at darning. The needles were the same as the ones from the sewing kit.
Overall a good starter kit. Buy the crochet yard later.


I just started darning this year, so as a first timer it was great to have everything I needed in one place! The needles are plenty strong and won't break if you use them right, and there's plenty of thread so it'll last a while. I will say the included cutting instrument isn't the best, but getting a tiny pair of scissors isn't hard to do.

Very Convenient

I love how this kit has everything you will need to darn your shoes. It makes the task of learning to darn shoes much less daunting if it is your first time.

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