Gaynor Minden TuTu Bag


This pancake tutu bag: 

  • Light
  • Water-resistant
  • Big enough for at least two tutus
  • Strap length that’s perfect for easy carrying
  • Interior strap to hold tutus in place
  • Snap tab keeps straps together
  • 3 color options
  • Tiara pocket

Diameter: 42″ (107 cm)
Material: Ripstop Nylon

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Most Reliable tutu bag

Very pleased w/ these tutu bags. A year ago we bought the blue w/ pink straps bag. It held well & keeps the tutu in place with the secure straps. Recently, we bought the Black on black bag just so we can store the tutus separately. The bag can store at least 2 tutus. The 2 side pockets are very handy. We store the arm puffs and big enough to store so much more. Def must have.

adorable tutu bag for rehearsal

The tutu bag is the right size for the Gaynor Minden rehearsal tutu. I am able to store two tutus. There are two zipper pockets for essential items. The navy and pink is adorable.

Gaynor Tutu bag

Loved the pink and blue! Great customer service !

Extremely Disappointed

I have to say, given the clout of the Gaynor Mindon name, I was very disappointed in this bag for several reasons. I bought this bag specifically because it says that it's a 42" diameter bag. My daughter is very tall and needs a 15" tutu, so I bought this bag banking on the fact that it would easily fit my daughter's larger tutu. It doesn't - not even close. I'm not even sure a standard 14" tutu would be ok. The edges of the tutu get crushed every time it goes in and we have to be extra careful the zipper doesn't catch on the tulle. I attempted to use the interior straps only once, but they crushed the tutu even more than the too-narrow diameter. The bag is also unlined, which meant that it shed all kinds of little black threads on her tutu. We only keep her practice tutu in this. I would NEVER put her performance tutu in it for fear of it being a mess when she went to go on stage. I purchased the Horizon bag instead, after trying a friend's to be sure that my daughter's large tutu would fit. Despite the description saying that the Horizon Bag is a full 2 inches narrower than this GM bag (40"), it fits my daughter's 15" tutu with room to spare. It is also fully lined, so no stray threads there. Would definitely recommend anyone looking for a bag for a 14" or larger tutu to pass this one over.

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