HairPin Pal


Sick of messy and dropped bobby pins? HairpinPal is the answer to holding metal hair clips ready for you to grab while you are doing your hair! The magnet is so strong that you can toss a bobby pin toward the bowl surface and HairpinPal will catch it! And just sweep over scattered clips on the counter or floor for HairpinPal to snap them up instantly!

Keep HairpinPal wherever you style your hair. Easy to transport your clips to prepare for dance recitals, drama events, and pageants. A perfect tool for home and salon. Makes a great gift!


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Customer Reviews

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Best purchase!

Loved the hair pin pal! Helped my daughter keep all of her hair pins on one place and not all over the floors!! Bought one in each color and keep one at home and one in her competition case. So happy with this purchase!!

Hair pin pal

My granddaughter loves this so her pins won’t go flying everywhere in the car on her way to ballet!

so helpful!

This is my second HairpinPal. The first one came in the Kathryn Morgan Haul and I loved it so much, I took it to use in the salon where I work. I decided I needed one for my dance bag for performances so I got another in the Raspberry color. So I have both colors and they are so pretty. They really do pick up hair/bobby pins if you hold it above them, saving lots of pick up time!

A life saver

Seriously, this is an amazing invention - it's small and handy and keeps all the pins together better than any kind of bag, making them last a lot, lot longer! It's obviously also perfect to find all the lost ones. What's a lovely surprise is that it actually came with a set of bobby pins already! I seriously love it.

Great product

My wife loved it.

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