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Why You Might Need Dance Booties

Have you ever wondered why dance booties are so popular? 

Dance booties are perfect for the winter to keep the dancer's feet warm. Even if you live in a warmer state, dance booties help ensure that the dancer’s feet and ankle are warmed-up before dancing for a competition, exam, or studio. 

There are two types of soles:

  1. Rubber Sole:
    1. Booties with rubber soles are great to wear outside. They can help your foot warm-up on the way to class. If you're in a rush, these are great for you to slide over your shoes. 
  2. Without Rubber Sole: 
    1. These have more of a softer bottom. They're meant to keep your feet warm while you wear them indoors. 

With dance booties, you can wear them with or without your ballet shoes or any type of soft shoe. They are big enough for you to throw them over your shoe. 

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