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Why It's Important To Warm Up Before Dance

Have you ever felt a difference when you warmed up for dance and when you didn’t? 

Dancers are always on their feet, doing the same repetitive movements until they have perfected it. A small tweak or strain can turn into a bigger injury if not treated or taken care of properly. A good warm-up loosens up the body and warms up the muscles, preparing them for the workout ahead. It also gets your blood flowing and your heart rate up, which is especially important if you're dancing in hot weather or doing intense cardio. 

Here are a few tips for warming up before you hit the dance floor:

1. Warm-up Booties

They help speed up the warm-up process. Dancers love them during the wintertime. You can’t wear them outside, but they are perfect for walking around the dance studio, keeping your feet nice and toasty. 

2. Legwarmers

Not only do they make you feel like you’re back in the ‘80s, but they are great for keeping your ankles and part of your legwarm. It’s great for preventing cramping and potential muscle injury. 

3. Warm-Up Sweats, Pants, Unitards

Warm-ups are a great way to prepare your body before class. It allows your joints and muscles to loosen up, some cover-ups have a warming effect, which helps stimulate the blood vessels.

We have many options to choose from, depending on what, how you like to warm up, or what’s most comfortable for you. 

4. Gaynor Minden Roller Kit

If you’d rather use tools to warm-up your body, the Gaynor Minden Roller kit is perfect to have in your bag. 

It comes with:

  1. Travel Roller:  Relieves tension in the back, IT band, hips, and legs.
  2. Mini Roller:  Targeted relief for sore and tight calves.
  3. Large Massage Ball:  Perfect for massaging hip flexors and the psoas.
  4. Small Massage Ball:  Gets into the intrinsic muscles of the feet.
  5. Micro Velvet Mat:  More comfortable (and cleaner!) than the floor.
  6. Carrying Bag:  A shoulder strap makes the whole kit ultra portable!

These tools are great for targeting muscles needed for relief before and after dancing. The less tensed up your muscles are before you begin class, the less likely you are to get any injuries.

5. Stretching

The simplest way to warm up is stretching before class. It helps loosen your muscles. That way, you can dance freely instead of feeling tight. You'll use your body's full range of motion without feeling like you are straining any muscles or joints.

By wearing warm-up gear, once you feel that you’re warmed up, be sure to take it off. It can cause you to get fatigued quickly. Imagine being outside in the heat all day. You eventually start to feel tired. So these warm-ups are great accessories for you to use. Make sure not to overuse them either. 

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