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What To Consider When Choosing a Dance Studio

So, what should you look for when choosing a dance school? The answer may vary depending on your goals. Dancing is a great exercise, fun hobby, and potential career. There are plenty of schools that offer classes if you're interested in learning how to dance. However, finding the right school can be tricky. There are many factors to consider when picking a school, such as location, class style, and age range.

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How To Choose a Dance Studio

A few questions you want to ask yourself are:

1. Are you looking for a competitive, non-competitive, or hybrid school?

What type of school depends on the experience you want your dancer to have - or what they want to do in dance in the future. Looking into the types of school and what they offer will help narrow down where you'll be looking to enroll them in.

        • A non-competitive school would be great for those dancers who want to do it as a hobby or something fun where they learn something new.
        • A competitive school is targeted towards dancers who want to make dancing a career. They'll provide them with more opportunities to tap into that professional world.
        • A hybrid school is always another great option for those competitive students or those considering a competitive school. It’s also great for those dancers who love it as a hobby and want to compete.

    Ask about performance opportunities; many schools offer recitals or showcases where students can perform in front of an audience.

    2. What are the teacher qualifications?

    A teacher's dance experience might be something to look into when considering a dance school. 

    For those intending to be a professional dancer, having teachers who have been in the industry would help give them insight into what to expect. They'll offer advice and opportunities to help propel them towards their goals. Keep in mind, not every dance teacher needs experience in the industry to help you with your dancer's goals. Teachers with years of experience - or a great track record - can offer you similar opportunities to showcase your talents and improve your dance skills to get you into the dance industry. 

    Most importantly, having a teacher passionate about dance will make your experience more memorable and enjoyable, regardless of where you want to take your dance career.

    3. Do they offer a variety of classes?

    If you want a well-rounded experience, find a school with a diversity of classes that will provide the opportunity to curate your dance schedule. Unless you're interested in learning one style, look into schools that specialize or focus on that specific type of dance.

    When dancing, you always start with the basics. You'll slowly experience what you like and don't like, which might have you considering other dance schools the more you get into your dance classes. So if your focus changes, that is something that you can evaluate later. Learning from different styles can also teach you new techniques to incorporate into your dance - even if you want to only be ballet focus, for example.

    4. What are the sizes of the dance classes?

    Class size can affect the learning experience you receive. In a smaller class size, you can get more one-on-one learning. You don't want to get lost in a sea of students. Looking into the student to teacher ratio can help you get clarity on the learning experience you might receive.

    A teacher who is attentive to your form, alignment, and provides proper corrections will make a difference in your dance. As an individual looking for self-improvement, this will help improve confidence!

    5. How well does the school communicate with parents and dancers?

    Finding a dance studio that communicates information like what they need for class, their recitals, and anything else going on with the school helps keep everyone in the loop. Being able to have that information accessible through the website, email, and from the dance teacher themselves.

    Dance Class

    Choosing a dance studio can vary depending on your goals. Do your research, talk to other dancers, and ask lots of questions while trying to make your decision. With so many great dance schools out there, you'll find the perfect one. The most important thing is finding a studio where you can have fun, express yourself, and find the learning environment you're looking for. 


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