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What is a Better Material For Dancewear - Cotton or Microfiber?

When it comes to your dancewear, the feel of the material or what you want out of it is something you take into account when purchasing. The two most common materials, Cotton and Microfiber are highly known for their feel and comfort, but which one is better for your dancewear?



-  Soft and stretchy

-  Quickly absorbs water

-  Easily wrinkles (needs to be ironed occasionally)

-  Depending on the cotton, it can shrink

-  Great for those with sensitive skin

-  Feels more light weight

-  Known for holding it's shape

-  Helps repel water

-  Strain resistant

-  Doesn’t tend to get wrinkled and shrink

Based on all this, which is the best material for your dancewear?

Here are some options of our Cotton and Microfiber leotard:


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