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Strengthening Exercises With A Pilates Ring

Get ready to strengthen and stretch your entire body with a Pilates Ring! This simple tool can be an effective way to improve your balance, strength, and overall health - adding extra resistance for increased challenge. Strengthen those core muscles that are essential for bodily stability.

Arm Exercises

  • Seated Ring Squeeze
Start by putting your arms out of chest height, shoulder width. Do little pulses squeezing the ring. If you want to make it a little challenging, have your palms flat, straight out.

    Pilates Ring Seated Ring Squeeze

    • Side Arm Press Down
    Get in a sit down position, legs crossed. Place the ring vertically beside you, and press down in a pulse rhythm.
    Pilates Ring Side Arm Press Down
    • Side-Lying Ring Press
    Get into a side plank position and place your ring on your hip. Then press down on the ring, doing those same pulses.
    Pilates Ring Side Plank

      Inner Thigh Excersises

      • The Hundred

      Place your ring in between your thigh, close to your knees. Lean back on your elbows and slowly do inner thigh pulse.

      Pilates Ring Lower The Hundred

      • The Raised Hundred - Calf. 

      Lay on your back with your legs up. Put the ring in between the side of your calves. Squeeze the ring in pulses.

      Pilates Ring The Hundred
      • The Rasied Hundred - Thigh

      To engage a different muscle, move the ring down to your thigh above your knees, but in this case “below” your knees. Squeeze the ring in pulses.

      Pilates Ring Lower The Hundred


      Get your dancing off to a great start with these exercises! The Pilates Ring is an ideal tool for strengthening muscles to improve your dance movements. Special bonus, it's also easy enough to travel with and store away!

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