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What To Pack When You're Going To A Dance Convention

Dance convention is an opportunity for a dancer to learn from professionals and choreographers in the field. Dancers can get out of their typical dance environment and dance to their utmost content, learning and building confidence. It’s a great way to step into the professional world and learn skills in a fast-paced environment, while taking different dance styles - depending on the convention - within a few days. 

Even though every convention is different, what you’ll need might vary. Here are a few key items that we know you’ll need to pack for every convention:

It's the perfect bag to keep your dance wear organized - it's a must-have for any dancer on the go! With ample compartments to store and secure everything from dance shoes to accessories in one place. It has a garment part to store all your leotards, skirts, and more. When you put everything inside the compartments, you can close it up, and it turns back into a duffle bag where you can put anything else you might need.

  • A Stand Out Leotard

When you're at a dance convention, you want to stand out. We suggest Oh La La Leotard or a two-piece with bright color.

This gentle and effective body glue will help keep your dancewear from moving and keep everything else in place. 

Conventions can be overwhelming, and with everyone changing, finding a place to change might feel daunting. The Ainsliewear Quick Change Dance Poncho makes it easy to change discreetly on-site without a problem. It’s also convenient to keep in your dance bag whenever you need it.

Conventions can be a lot on the body, you’re dancing all day, and sometimes you might have a competition in the evenings. Massage tools are great to help loosen up those tense muscles. That way, you can keep up throughout the day. 

Tools like the Foam Roller, Massage Stick, or Massage Balls

Hydration is so important, every dancer needs a water bottle. We have a variety so you’ll be able to find one that fits your personality.

Dance conventions are an invaluable opportunity to expand your dancing skills and make new friends. It’s not about practicing what you know, but learning from other dancers. Whether that be your teachers or other dancers around you. Dance conventions are meant to help build your confidence, so the only thing you need to worry about is dancing your heart out and enjoying the experience.

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