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The Importance of Wearing Knee Pads as a Dancer

We've all been a victim of those knee drops. Those floor routines where you’re putting all your weight onto your kneecaps. As you get older, it’s going to haunt you.

Your kneecap, also known as the patella, is connected to ligaments that are holding it in place. When your knees are taking constant impact, you can strain your ligaments. That’s how we cause injuries. 

As dancers where floor work is a huge part of their routine, you wonder why knee pads aren’t something every dancer keeps in their bag. They reduce potential inflammation in your knees and absorb any impact your knees make. The more you dance, the more you improve your skills, so it’s important to wear your knee pads

We never want anything to keep us from dancing, and knee pads are a great product to help you use your knees to the best of their ability for a longer period. You want to limit the amount of impact your body is getting to prevent any future serious injury.

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