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How To Use Rosin for Dancing

There is nothing more nerve-wracking than that feeling you might slip on the dance floor. It can give you more traction on your feet while dancing, which helps avoid slips and falls during your dance class, performances or competitions. 

Before using, ask your dance instructor if you can use Rosin in class. Rosin can affect certain types of flooring. Some studios might even have a communal Rosin box, where dancers can have a designated spot to use their Rosin. 

How To Use Rosin:

We have Rosin in two forms: Rosin comes in two different forms: crystallized and a spray. Depending on which one you get, you’ll want to follow these steps:

Crystalized Rosin:

    • You’ll want to crush it with the bottom of your foot on the floor or in a rosin box. Make sure not to be barefoot when you do this. Crush on the tips and soles as needed.

Spray Rosin:

    • Spray around the tops and the sole of the pointe shoe where you notice you need it most.

Rosin is the perfect product to keep in your bag to avoid potential slippage in class, rehearsals, or while performing. It’s a simple and easy product, you can use and keep in your bag when you need it. We sell them in a variety of containers, where they can fit your day-to-day dance life routine. 

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