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How Dance Links the Mind and Body

Dance is one of the most widely performed art styles in the world. Even when most people were social distancing themselves, many found ways to come together to dance. As reported in National Geographic, dances that were usually held during rituals, celebrations, and sports have now moved online, with virtual dance parties cropping up via online platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or Zoom. Not only is dance sought after for its traditional and social sense, but it can also improve a person’s mental and physical health. Read on to find out how dance benefits the mind and body:


Dancing keeps your mind and body engaged

Dancing is very similar to yoga; it’s a great way to keep your mind engaged while exercising your body. This form of exercise can be especially beneficial for older adults who may be prone to mental decline, such as dementia. A worldwide systematic study led by Nanjing Medical University found that older adults, with mild cognitive impairment, who have gone through dance interventions improved their general cognition, rote memory, recall, and attention. Although dancing doesn’t stop dementia-related symptoms, it can help afflicted adults slow down signs of mental aging.

It’s important to note that dancers of all ages must be prepared for exercise. Dancing isn’t necessarily easy and there’s always a risk of getting injured. Aside from proper stretching and hydration, it’s necessary to wear the proper attire when engaging in strenuous activities like dance. For girls and women, we recommend our Ballet Rosa waistband leggings which offer a plush elastic waistband and stretchable material, allowing you to take on challenging dance steps without hindering your movement.

Dancing helps improve mental health

Much like how movement is essential for building up our muscles, movement is just as important for improving our brain health and overall wellness. A feature by Maryville University on the psychology of exercise highlights the mental benefits associated with dancing. For one, this physical activity allows individuals to temporarily escape their situation. When you let loose through your moves, you release mood-boosting chemicals, which help decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety.

For older adults, dancing can even trigger happier, positive memories from a younger age. Remembering all those joyful times can spark happiness in everyday life as well. This is why dancing will boost your mood, making you more optimistic and calmer, which may encourage you to engage in other positive activities.

Dancing builds confidence and self-esteem

There are many opportunities to get creative through dance. When you’re first starting out, you may have a hard time, but as you practice, you start to improve as you learn more steps. Learning, remembering, and executing choreography is not easy, but being able to master these moves gives you a sense of achievement and will boost your self-esteem. This can drive you to dance more complicated steps and even create your own choreography. As shared in our post on “How Can Dance Benefit Your Life”, dance is a great form of self-expression that helps you tell a story, express emotions, and connect with yourself and others. Sometimes the greatest dance ideas may happen anywhere but the dance studio, so having comfortable footwear, like our Bloch lightweight sneakers, will allow you do dance in any setting. Through hard work, you can build the confidence to show off your own style.

Dancing isn’t a magic bullet to improve everything related to your mind and body, but it does have numerous benefits. Aside from enjoyment, dancing is a great way to enhance your mental health, keep your mind and body engaged, and build your confidence. With these perks and the bonus of social bonding, you are sure to enjoy life and dancing to the fullest. 

Article written by Riva James and exclusively submitted to DanceWear Corner

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