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Care For Your Feet With The Dance Foot Care Kit

Taking care of your feet before they start having problems helps avoid potential strains and pains in the future. Your feet hold a lot of stress, and when you’re dancing on them all day, you're going to feel it. Incorporating a few steps into your daily routine can help with your foot's overall health.

The Dancer Foot Care Kit comes with everything you need for your basic foot care needs. 

  • The Nailed it Manicure Set
It comes with a toenail clipper, scissors, and tweezers. Proper toenail care helps avoid potentially having ingrown and bruised toenails.
  • The Massage Ball
The massage ball is a simple tool to relieve knots and tightness. You can use it for the bottom of your feet, rotator relief, calves, and quads. It'll help take away all the tension your body carries from dance and everyday life.
  • DeFeet Da Funk Deodorizing Foot and Shoe Spritz
We also want to avoid smelly feet. If you're not finding ways to keep them clean and avoid smells, there is potential for bacterial growth. You’re able to de-stinkify your feet, shoes, and dance bag with the DeFeet Da Funk Foot and Shoe Spritz.


Keeping your feet healthy is an important part of staying active and feeling confident. This can be especially crucial for dancers who might not always pay attention to how their feet are looking or dancing on hard floors, which could lead them into potential pains and strains later on.

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