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Bloch Odor Eliminator

Smelly feet can be a huge problem when you’re constantly using the same shoes! You don't want moisture to sit in your shoes for too long. It can lead to rot, bacteria, and fungal growth. Causing possible skin infections and other serious problems later on.

Using the Bloch Odor Eliminator helps absorb and neutralize that odor that comes from hours of practice. It makes your shoes last longer than usual, just because you’re keeping your shoe dryer.

How To Use the Bloch Odor Eliminator:

  • Wipe away any excess moisture
  • Slide the couch into the sole and leave it there
  • When you notice it turn pink, that’s how you know it’s absorbing the moisture

Once the pink goes back to its original color, it’s ready to be used again. The Bloch Black sleeve is machine washable, which you can do to keep it fresh and clean.

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