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Benefits Of The Capezio Yoga Wheel

Have you ever been stretching before dance class and can’t get the stretch you need? You feel tight and discomfort. If you push your body too far while stretching, you can risk overstretching and potentially injuring yourself.

The Capezio Yoga Wheel is a hallow cylinder made with a rubber outside for added cushion. It’s designed to match the contour of the spine - while opening up your shoulders, chest, abdomen, and hips. It makes it a great tool for dancers to get full range of motion from huge muscle groups they need. Not only that, but it’s a great tool to help you with balance.

Capezio Yoga Wheel

1. Balance + Posture

Many yoga positions require you to balance and focus on your posture. Over time, this is something that’ll get easier. Incorporating the yoga wheel helps activate more muscles, which requires you to use more power and coordination to balance. Over time, you’ll start noticing an improvement in your balance and posture.

2. Flexibility

Deepening your stretches and yoga poses helps improve your flexibility over time. It helps improve the mobility of your joints and muscles. Especially since it’s helping open up a lot of big muscle groups like your shoulders, chest, abdomen, and hips.

3. Prevents Injury

Some poses can be strenuous to get into, making it easy to over-bend or be in the incorrect form. The yoga wheel provides the support you might need when you aren’t using a prop. Making difficult stretches a lot easier.

4. Lengthen and Stretch Your Body

It allows you to massage and stretch the entire length of your back, opening up your shoulders, chest, abdomen, and hips. Lie down on it with your back. Reach up behind your head to hold onto the edge of the wheel. You'll start to feel it stretch your upper back, neck, and shouilders. This helps release tension from the neck, upper spine, and head. Giving your back a chance to stretch and loosen up any tension you're feeling. While also helping your mobility.

Don’t feel discouraged when you first start using the Capezio Yoga Wheel for the first time. You might feel unbalanced or unstable while incorporating it into your routine. Over time, you’ll notice that go away as you begin to get stronger with your posture, balance, and flexibility.
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