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How Do Ballerinas Protect Their Toes?

Like how our feet are all different, that means our toes are too. And just like we need to protect our feet in pointe shoes, we also need to protect our toes en pointe.

They need just as much support and comfort within your pointe shoes. We can do this with proper padding and added protection.

When they’re not getting that extra support, it could lead to extra bruising, unnecessary pressure, and bleeding underneath the nail.

Enter the Gaynor Minden Totally Toes Kit.

The Gaynor Minden Totally Toes Kit comes with: two crescents shaped (takes the pressure off of the second toe), two oval-shaped (adds some length to the big toe), two mushrooms for sensitive big toenails, and two Dynamic Box Liner (prevents you from sliding down into the box). It’s all adhesives that’ll stick inside your polite shoe without them having to move around.



How and who might benefit from this?

  • If you need that extra cushion or length without the bulk of an extra toe pad.
  • Gives you that extra cushion if you have a second long two.
  • That extra length for that shorter big toe.
  • Needs extra cushion around the box.

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