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What's in Alyssa's Dance Corner?

Inspired by other dancer’s dance corners, Alyssa decided to make one of her here at Dancewear Corner. With many different styles of dance and every dancer being unique, dance corners can look a little different from dancer to dancer. We all have different needs and different things we’re improving on as dancers.

For the perfect dance corner, this is everything she would need: 

  1. A full-length mirror
  2. A barre
  3. Box for her tools: 
    1. Rollers: Muscle Roller Stick and Foam Fitness Roller
    2. Strengtheners: TheraBands 
    3. Balancers: Balance Board
  4. Extra shoes:
    1. Tap shoes
    2. Ballet shoes
  5. Yoga mat for stretching
  6. A floor wood panel to practice her tapping
  7. An inspirational photo
  8. Table set up for a speaker and computer

For many dancers, dancing doesn’t end in the classroom. So being able to have the area to dances makes it easier to learn what you were taught in class and improve. What are your must haves in your dance corner?

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