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About Our Four Basic Tights

Tights are an important part of a dancer’s wardrobe. With different types of tights, how do you know which one you need?  

Footed Tights

These are the standard tights that cover you from waist to toe. It is a perfect beginner tight, or you’re someone who started a ballet class - or just a dance class in general.

Perfect for anyone else who also does theater, musical theater, or musicals where you have to portray a character. It's the perfect simple tight.

Convertible Tights

Convertible tights are the most popular and versatile tights. These will remind you of footed tights, except with a hole at the bottom. You can switch them between your standard tights and footless by either taking them off or putting them over your foot.

You can wear them footed during your dance class, and when you’re done with it, slide it off your feet. Then, put on your sneakers or sandals. Perfect for switching between shoes.

Footless Tights

These go from the waist to your ankle with a seamless line at the end. It’s not going to have any material to go over your feet. 

These are great for modern dance, contemporary or lyrical dance. Even those who do gymnastics, acrobatics, and tumbling footless tights would be perfect for them. They are perfect for those who dance barefoot. 

Stirrup Tights

Just like the footless tights and the convertible tights, this is an option for those who like to dance barefoot or take a class that involves being barefoot. These tights go all the way to the feet, except it has a thin material that wraps around the arch of your foot, leaving the ball of your foot and front feet exposed. 

There are people who love to use this type of tights for performances and competitions.  

Tights are a necessity in our dance bag. We always need a pair or two. Understanding which tights you’ll need is also important, and something you begin to learn as a dancer. These are some of the basic tights that we offer at Dancewear Corner. Check out the other options we have at

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