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Dancer Only LF9-41 Lace Dance Fan

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Beautifully stunning lace fan has 14 spokes and is made out of light weight fabrics and plastic mounting making it easier on the dancer's wrist when in use. They easily open for your performance. With lace trim on the top and brilliantly decorated on the sides with gold accents mounting and on the bottom with a golden ring. They are handmade and no two are alike. Made in Spain. 

9"H x 18"W when opened

Dance Fans Theory:
There is a dance fan revolution throughout the world, dancers from all types of dance are using fans for all styles of performances: ballet, modern dance, jazz, tap, lyrical, ballroom, rumba, not just for flamenco. Choreographers use fans to create illusions of grace and beauty in all styles of dance around the world. When fans are used for dancing please handle with care. They are not considered a toy but rather a dancing instrument and can break when not handled properly.

Type: Gift Items

Vendor: Dancer Only