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Bunheads Toe Tantra

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Bunheads Toe Tantra

  • Expand & liberate your toes!
  • Soft gel toe stretcher and exerciser
  • Helps relieve stress, tension and increases circulation
  • Moisture -infused with 6 botanical oils: avocado, olive, jojoba, grape seed, canola and soybean
  • Enriched with ceramides, green tea, willowfragrance and aloe vera
  • Ideal for toe pain, overlapping toes, bunions, forefoot pain and shoe fatigue
  • Massages and soothes sore feet,straightens and realigns toes, stretches tendons, improve flexibility and circulation. May alleviate condition of bunions and metatarsalgia.
  • Soft, flexible
  • Washable. Hand wash with mild detergent. Allow to air dry completely.
  • Color: Natural/NAT

Type: Foot Care

Vendor: Bunheads