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Bunheads Spun Silver Lambs Wool

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Bunheads Spun Silver Lambs Wool

A permanent guard against microbes that cause odor

Sliver is a natural Antimicrobial, it is non-toxic and hypoallergenic

SmartSilver antimicrobial is an EPA-registard, Oeko-Tex® approved, nanosacale silver additive

When SmartSilver nanoparticles come in contact with moisture, they release low levels of silver ions that prevent the growth of micorbes that cause odor and material degardation

SmartSilver is made in the USA

Loose lamb’s wool allows you to place it where your feet need the most cushion. Can be used by itself or along with toe pads.

Size: 1 Oz. Package

Type: Toe Pads

Vendor: Bunheads