Bloch ES0160S Adult "European Balance Strong" Pointe Shoes


The Bloch European Balance Strong pointe shoes offer all the wonderful attributes of the Balance European with a strong shank and features a curved last that follows the natural contours of the foot, providing comfort and injury protection.


  • Features a stronger shank, the Balance European allows the dancer to feel like they can stand 'en pointe' all day because the curved last and the shank remain in close contact with the instep significantly improving injury protection.
  • Tapered box with less internal space for the toes which creates a snug and secure fit. The exterior of the shoe has a more streamlined appearance without losing the width of the platform.
  • The generous platform encourages balanced weight distribution and can reduce pressure on individual metatarsals.
  • The European Balance has a diagonal side seam which reduces satin creasing.
  • The low profile of the shoe, open throat line of the vamp shape, and the elastic drawstring, creates a streamlined, snug fit.
  • Ribbons sold separately

*Please note that Bloch USA prohibits the sale of Bloch products to Canada from the USA. Canadian orders of Bloch products will be cancelled. We apologize.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Well Thought Out Design

The Bloch European Balance Strong - are the "go to" pointe shoes for my daughter. She started out with other styles/brands until she found the Bloch European Balance (ES0160). As she advanced, she stayed with the style but transitioned to the (ES0160S) - "European Balance Strong". The fit is right for her, the style is beautiful on her foot. The design ensuring more balance and reduction of injury is wonderful.

Quick Service

My daughter changed pointe shoes and the local dance store does not carry the size or style she needs because it is not common. The order was processed and shipped quickly. We will be ordering from here from now on.

Consistent Quality

Our daughter's dance director prefers using the Bloch Euro Balance pointe shoes. Their strong shank is a must for appropriate support for our daughter. We have purchased too many pairs to count over the last 3 years as she dances almost as much as she sleeps. Consistency in quality, durability, fit, and performance is paramount. We have found that in the Bloch! Our hometown dance supply store closed due to the owner's retirement, so we have to purchase the pointe shoes online now. We have had no issues obtaining the pointe shoes and no issues with quality even via mail.

Great Pointe Shoes

My daughter purchased these as she went through her first set of pointe shoes. These were more supportive and provided the extra comfort she needed.

My go-to shoe

I have yet to find a shoe as comfortable and that fits my foot as well as this pointe shoe. European Balance is also incredibly flattering to my thick, wide feet with slightly tapered medium-length toes. It needs be said, too, that Bloch- across the board- makes pointe shoes that better fit wide feet with narrow heels. Bloch is the only brand I've ever worn in multiple models that I didn't have to come up with complicated and ever-more elaborate methods for keeping the shoe on my heel, and EB excels in this. I just sew a single length of mesh elastic across my instep and I'm ready to go. I'm very happy with this shoe, I just wish Bloch could make them a little longer lasting for my bendy feet.

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