Bloch S0177L Adult "Axi Stretch" Pointe Shoes


The Axi Stretch is one of Bloch's new and exciting range of pointe shoes featuring groundbreaking innovation in a category virtually unchanged in over 120 years. With the latest stretch materials, these features combine to allow ultimate articulation of the foot and unparallelled connection between foot and shoe. One seamless, flawless line is now a reality.


  • Outer split sole for increased contact between arch of the shoe to arch of the foot
  • Flexible insole with strong center piece supporting under the foot and to the highest point of the dancer's 3/4 arch
  • Wings of the shoe wrap around the ball of the foot and feather out to dancer's 3/4 arch for ultimate support
  • Jersey fabric on either side of the inner heel for ease of sewing
  • Improved fit to the heel of the foot for less bagging of material and added suede for increased comfort
  • Flat, oblong platform for ease of balance
  • Improved satin tip for longer lasting platform
  • A-paste for better resilience and natural breakdown
  • Designed to break at the highest point of the dancers arch, the Axi Stretch will hit all major internal contact points of the foot for the ultimate 90 degree angle.

*Please note that Bloch USA prohibits the sale of Bloch products to Canada from the USA. Canadian orders of Bloch products will be cancelled. We apologize.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Beautiful but won't last

      These are a good shoe for someone who doesn't need a lot of support and has tapered toes. They have a relatively quiet box and good balance. The split sole makes your feet look amazing. One negative is theyre not going to last long and don't come in a hard shank.

      THE shoe!

      My newly professional ballet dancing daughter has found "her shoe"! She says these shoes feel like one with her foot. She loves the way they conform to her arch and break in the right place. No bulk. No wrinkles. No sagging or baggy heels. And they last! Thank you, Bloch, for these marvelous pointe shoes!

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